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Friday, 8 September 1995

Dateline: Los Angeles, CA

The airwaves have been full of the sound of the so-called Fuhrman Tapes for two weeks now and the sounds are deafening. Lawyers hurling insults back and forth; jurists becoming part of the game; reporters covering the trial like the latest soccer match. Two people are still dead.

Dateline: Washington, DC

Like the Baltimore Colts before him, Sen. Robert Packwood skulks out of town in the dead of night. Despite a Senate process which would result in his explusion, Sen. Packwood is allowed to resign with an apology and a Federal pension in his pocket.

Second Opinion:

Today’s guest editorial comes from an unlikely source, which proves, once again, that there are no unlikely sources.

…I know it’s a long leap from parking violations to terrorist bombings. But while the disease is different, the symptoms are the same: If a person doesn’t personally approve of laws that managed to work their way through our system of checks and balances, he feels no obligation to obey them. … the winds of anarchy — of self-absorption taken to a dangerous extreme — are blowing. We ignore them at our own peril.

Joe Weider, Men’s Fitness, September 1995,
©1995 by Men’s Fitness Magazine, Inc.

Thanks. Joe. Folks, pick up the issue. It’s worth it for Mr. Weider’s Publisher’s Letter if nothing else. Personally, I enjoyed the hunky dude on the front cover!

Final Comment

Random thoughts today. My apologies. It’s a little hard for anything to break through the morass of the Simpson nonsense and a twice daily 35 mile commute; so, I don’t really have any one thing on my mind today. In fact, I don’t have anything on it at all.

Thank God It’s Friday.

Ciao for now!

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