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1I am a New York-bred transplanted Californian currently expatriated on Long Island.

I've lived in New York since birth except from 1993-2006 when I lived in California. I should have never left... California, that is.

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Athlete Ally
Tuesday, 19 July 2011 15:30

Buying and Selling on Empire Avenue

Buying and selling people. It’s almost like work. Read the blog. Buy the man. Buy for growth. e(MIKEYLITO)

Empire Avenue is like a chameleon that changes identities based on who is engaging with it. It is a social networking website that uses the meme of a stock market. Hence, the ad that I opened this essay with. It is one of the ads I occasionally run when I’m trying to promote my shares.

Empire Avenue (or EAv for short) is also a game. No one seems quite sure the rules of the game or the aim of the game or even how you win the game. However, there is a way to score the game, your share price.

EAv also tries to be an analytics tool, rating a user’s engagement on a variety of social networking sites. At this writing, they include Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube. Rumored on the horizon is Foursquare. There is no rumor so far on Google+.

Empire Avenue calculates your engagement on those websites as well as any blogs and feeds and comes up with your share price and a daily dividend. Those two bottom line numbers, if you will, determine whether another user will buy or sell shares in you.

With its many different roles, Empire Avenue attempts to be all things to all people. Some use it for its social networking properties. My social engagement has exploded since being on Empire Avenue. Other users clearly try to use their analytics to benefit their businesses. Still others are wrapped up in playing the game, trying to get the highest share price and, presumably, influence.

This second version of the EyeView blog has always been about lifestreaming, even before I knew what that word meant. As I mentioned on my About page, I always wanted to pull together the various bird crumbs I leave around the web into the blog you’re now reading. Empire Avenue actually helped in this regard. In order to improve my EAv score, it became important for me to find import and syndication solutions for the various websites that I post on. EAv made me focus.

If we’re to take the creators of EAv at their word, the site is really about finding and engaging with other users who have similar interests to yours. As such, the share price and dividends aren’t as important as the engagement you get from being on the site.

The gaming aspect of Empire Avenue required an entirely different set of skills. Games require a strategy and the one I adopted was buying shares of people who produce the maximum amount of dividends regardless of share price. Dividends can be fairly consistent income whereas share price is only important when you’re buying or selling a stock (or if you like to stare at your “net wealth”). Although my blogging output is much more anemic than in the past, I can maintain a fairly healthy share price with my microblogging and social activity. However, in order to maintain share price and consistent dividends, one must remain actively engaged. Consequently, some people just churn out content for the sake of scoring. For the most part, I just find myself engaging more and saying pretty much what I would say anyway, just to more people.

So, is Empire Avenue worth your time?
It depends on how many social networks you want to participate on and how much time you’re willing to spend. The gaming aspects are fun, trying to figure out how to maximize your scores.

I do wish that Google+ would have come along before I got so involve in EAv, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

Ciao for now!